Human Design: Your Real-Life Character Class – Projectors and Reflectors

To conclude our series on Human Design, this week we’ll be delving into the final of the Five Types: the Projector and Reflector. If you haven’t yet read about Human Design and have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggest checking out the first post in the series.

And if you just so happen to be a Manifestor or Manifesting-Generator, then might I also suggest taking a gander at last month’s post?

But alas, without further ado, I give you the Projectors and Reflectors! This, like the previous Human Design posts, is also an excerpt from my book, Find Your Purpose, Find Your Plot Line. Enjoy!


Ah, the Projectors. Though the Manifesting Generators may be the fast ones, I think of the Projectors as the rogues.

They’re just there—always there—watching, waiting, observing from the shadows. Rarely seen, even more rarely heard, and relatively uncommon, making up roughly 20-22% of the population.

Like the Manifestors, they are not designed to work. However, while Manifestors must get in a rhythm of initiating and resting, Projectors need to learn to wait for an invitation.

The Mentor

You see, Projectors are—essentially—the mentor figures. They’re the Yodas, the Morpheuses, the Mr. Miyagis. They know stuff, maaaan. Especially stuff about other people. And that’s because they’re built to manage, guide, and direct the energy of others.

However, if they go about spouting their knowledge uninvited, they’re just going to seem all “Well, actually…” Hermione Granger about it. So, like all Types, they too must learn the value of waiting.

The Projector’s fear, of course, stems from assuming they’ll never get a chance to share their knowledge. They’ll never be invited. They’ll never be able to emerge from the shadows.

Considering they spend a good portion of their lives feeling misunderstood, unheard, and unseen, it’s a valid fear, for sure. But as long as a Projector goes about trying to educate people uninvited, they’re just going to push people away and sabotage themselves.

Projector Kryptonite

Speaking of “themselves,” that may just be a Projector’s biggest weakness. They spend so much time observing and getting to know others that they often neglect themselves.

It’s hard for Projectors to recognize when they’re overdoing it, so they can be even more prone to burnout than Manifestors. Whereas a Manifestor masquerading as a warrior won’t typically burnout until their 50s, Projectors doing the same can burnout as early as their mid-thirties!

Though I’m not a Projector, my mom is, so I’ve seen this firsthand. And let me tell you, it’s not pretty! Many Projectors often develop autoimmune diseases and other fun health conditions if they try to tank through the burnout. And then it can take them years to recover, if they ever do.

The Projector Plan of Attack

If you’re a Projector, you need to be careful to know yourself—know your limits— and respect them no matter what society tries to pressure you into.

Since you don’t possess the sustainable energy of the Generators, the same strategy as the Manifestor—of resting often to resupply that mana, or this case, stamina—applies to you as well. But unlike the Manifestor, you have to learn to wait for an invitation before taking any sort of action.

So what do you do while you wait?

Follow your passion, that’s what! As long as you’re living your truths and doing something that genuinely brings you joy, you might be surprised just how quickly those “invitations” start flooding in!

And when they do, look out, world, ‘cause once you’re in your guiding groove, rouge adventurers, you’re capable of amplifying the energy of those around you and achieving levels of awesome that were previously unachievable. Boo yah!


If you read the previous Human Design articles, I bet you’re thinking that Manifestors are a bunch of super special snowflakes, aren’t you? I mean, less than 10% of the population is pretty rare, right?

Well, adventurer, if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s only because you haven’t met the Reflectors yet. They account for less than 1% of the population. That’s right. LESS than 1%!

These people are rare, to say the least. And it makes sense that they are, because as the name implies, they’re built to reflect back the health of their communities.

The White Mage

Like Manifestors and Projectors, Reflectors lack sustainable energy. Given that and their rarity, I also consider them to be mages in our character class analogy.

Like their non-warrior brethren, Reflectors need frequent rest to refill their mana reserves. But whereas Manifestors have an offensive, black-mage energy, Reflectors have more of a restorative, white-mage energy.

These people really do make great IRL healers because they’re so attuned to the energy of others, constantly reflecting back that energy like a mirror. They’re the super-empaths, able to feel exactly what others are feeling, without even realizing it.

Working as a Reflector

Because of their special empathic abilities, professions in therapy, coaching, or other such fields tend to feel very natural for these people. But because they’re such open channels, they can also take on too much of other people’s… well, shit.

If they find themselves in such professions, they need to be sure to take breaks to clear their fields and center themselves. Similarly, if they find themselves surrounded by negative people in their personal lives, they may need to distance themselves.

Yet at the same time, these people were built to be around other people—more so than the other Types! In fact, their clarity comes from talking things out with others. Just like how white mages can’t really work their magic unless they have people to use their healing arts on.

Reflector Side of the Moon

Reflectors are “lunar beings,” so they always need to wait a full lunar cycle (roughly twenty-nine days) before making a decision.

If you’re a Reflector and you’re reading this, even if you get some seriously awesome ideas re: your purpose from this book, it’s best that you take a good twenty-nine days to think on it before taking action. And during that time, it would help to talk your ideas through with others.

Though you reflect other people’s energy back to them, similarly they can reflect your energy back to you!

What Next?

The most important thing for a Reflector to learn is that you really need those 28-29 days to find your truth. The problem is, that a full lunar cycle can be a long freaking time to make a decision!

And in our society of now-is-better-than-later and instant gratification, the pressure a Reflector can feel from… well, the other 99% of the population, can be intense! So just remember that no matter what anyone says, you do you, my white-mage adventurer. Because when you’re happy, so is everyone else.

In Conclusion

And that, adventurers, concludes our series on Human Design. Hopefully you learned something new about yourself via your IRL character class!

I will probably do more Human Design posts in the future, though I suspect I’ll be focusing on Manifestors since that’s what I am and, as such, have plenty of firsthand experience to offer as tribute. (Plus, a quick Google search will reveal there’s not actually much on Manifestors out there!)

So tell me: are you a Projector or a Reflector? If so, did the info in this post seem at all relatable? And am I the only one who finds t-rexes totally endearing despite their carnivorous ways?

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