Human Design: Your Real-Life Character Class – Manifestors and Manifesting Generators

Continuing along the same vein as last month’s post on Generators, this month we’re going to delve into some more Human Design with two more of the Five Types: the Manifestor and Manifesting Generator. 

Like last time, this will be an excerpt from my book. Enjoy!


Despite Manifestors supposedly having a “warrior-like energy,” I think of them more as mages. Black mages, maybe—or even battle mages—but mages all the same. And this is my Type, so I’ve got some serious personal experience with this one!

Like mages, Manifestors are on the rare side. They’re the second rarest type in fact, making up approximately 8-9% of the population. In the Human Design community, they can even be referred to as “magical Manifestors,” due to their abilities either totally perplexing the other Types, or having them totally envious.

And that’s because Manifestors are the only Type that can actually… well, manifest. They’re the only ones built to “just do it.” All the other Types must wait in some capacity before being able to manifest their desires, while all the Manifestor has to wait for is inspiration. Once a Manifestor has their inspiration, they can just make it happen.

The Dark Side of the Manifestor

As is often the case with mages in fantasy worlds (again, Dragon Age comes to mind), it’s not all chocolate frogs and Butterbeer being a Manifestor. Since this Type is so rare, most people don’t really understand how they work. And for most people, the unknown is scary. And how do people deal with scary?

By either running from it or trying to control it, that’s how.

So Manifestors are often shut down as kids. They eventually learn to keep their “power” in check so as not to inadvertently push others away, like a witch or wizard trying to fit in with Muggle society. But, unlike Generators, Manifestors were not built to have sustainable energy. They were built to start things—to initiate—and then to rest just as hard.

Beware the Burnout

As this Manifestor can tell you, the nine-to-five slog is murder for a Manifestor, even if they do enjoy what they’re doing.

The only nine-to-five I ever held only lasted a year before I hit hardcore burnout—despite loving my job! Every day I’d basically just collapse as soon as I got home, then take a two or three hour nap before I could be a person again. And school (prior to college)—with its similar soul-sucking schedule—was no different.

And that’s totally typically of a Manifestor. They have a very finite energy reserve that needs to be replenished often in order to function. I think of it as mana. I mean, mages can’t cast spells without mana, right?

Working as a Manifestor

Working in a job where you can make your own schedule is a must for a Manifestor. At the very least, they need a job that offers some flexibility and/or shorter shifts, because Manifestors work best in spurts.

They may be able to fake it as a warrior in the work force for a few decades, but unless they’re doing work suited to their Design, they can and will burn out hard—usually in their 50s.

But once they start recognizing their needs and embracing that initiate-rest-initiate-rest balance, they really can make magical things happen! Most of the world’s greatest leaders throughout history were, in fact, Manifestors, after all.

Though by far one of the most famous Manifestors, was Hitler. So yeah. Magic can go both ways.

For real though, Anders is a perfect fictional example of a Manifestor turned dark side! 

As such, we Manifestors must be careful where we focus our initiating energies. When in doubt, my black-mage-adventurers, just remember Uncle Ben.

With great power, comes great responsibility.


Like their cousins, the Generators, I also like to think of Manifesting Generators as warriors. In fact, many in Human Design don’t even consider them to be separate from the “pure” Generators.

However, they exhibit enough differences that I find myself in the camp that sees them as their own Type. While Generators are the tanks, I like to think of Manifesting Generators as two-handed warriors. Dual-wielders. They’ve got sustainability, sure, but they’re slightly quicker and more offense-oriented.

They make up approximately 33-35% of the population and are the only other Type to possess that go-go-go sustainable energy. Together with the Generators, that’s a whopping 70% of the population that’s built to Energizer-Bunny it. No wonder systems like the nine-to-five—systems involving a steady output of energy—are the norm in society!

The Purpose-Driven Manifesting Generator

Like the Generators, a Manifesting Generator can only be satisfied if they’re doing work they genuinely enjoy. Because, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Manifesting Generators “gotta go fast!” (That’s what she said.)

They’re the fastest processors of all the Types, and they love to multi-task. In fact, one might even say they need to be multi-tasking, as doing so supports their inherent Design.

‘Cause hell, they’re great at it!

Beware the Achilles’ Heel

There are two problems that typically arise for the Manifesting Generator.

First, though they’re able to get things done faster than anyone else, they’ll often find that they make mistakes along the way—mistakes which they’ll have to return to in order to fix.

So, if a Generator and Manifesting Generator start to work on the same task at the same time, they’ll still both finish at… the same time. The Generator would keep an even, deliberate pace throughout the entire process, while the Manifesting Generator would rush through and then return to clean up their tracks.

Manifest it Like Mary

The second problem arises from the Manifesting Generator’s Manifestor tendencies.

Like the Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator likes to initiate things. And why wouldn’t they? Being the fastest processors, they can see the ultimate outcome of a situation before anyone else. So of course they’d want to reach that ultimate outcome ASAP, am I right?

The problem comes from the fact that they don’t actually have the power to make things happen like a Manifestor. Like the pure Generator, their power lies in their ability to “respond.”

But considering how they operate, waiting to just… respond can seem so goddamn impossible!

Parting Words for the Manifesting Generator

As a Manifesting Generator, learning the virtue of patience is of the utmost importance. Like the Generators, you have to learn to trust the process, trust that you will have your time to shine.

But once your impetus shows up, feel free to run like the wind! And then just keep going and going and going like that Energizer Bunny. Or Speed Racer. Or Sonic—on crack. Because you’re able to get a hell of a lot more done than the average person, my two-handed-warrior-adventurers.



Are you a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator? If so, do you resonate with any of the things said in this post? And am I the only one who’s still butthurt about the fact that Anders didn’t invite me to blow up the chantry with him? 

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