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Considering we are currently in the throes of NaNoWriMo, I’m so WriMo’d out at this point, I decided to save myself some burnout this week and post another excerpt from my book, Find Your Purpose, Find Your Plot Line, instead. 

We’ll be diving into the rabbit hole with some Human Design, yet another IRL stat screen like astrology. Here’s hoping you have as much fun with it as I do! 

Enter Human Design

An example of a Human Design chart. Talk about an IRL stat screen!

Of the three systems I’m covering in this book, Human Design is the one I suspect most of you’ve never heard of. And that’s because it’s relatively new, only brought into conception within the past thirty years. That being said, however, I like it because it incorporates pretty much every other esoteric system out there.

From western astrology, to the Chinese I’Ching, to Jewish Kabbalah, chakras, and even science and genetics. As a result, it’s hyper-detailed, and I suspect the first time you see your chart you’ll be simultaneously overwhelmed and awed. (Plus, I mean, that name, am I right? It already sounds so sci-fi-y and just like what you’d expect an IRL stat screen to sound like!)

Human Design is so advanced, that you could use a lot of the different aspects of your chart to aid in finding that MPL (Main Plot Line) of yours. However—for this book—I’ll only be covering the most well-known and unique aspect of Human Design: the five “Types.”

The Five Types of Human Design

Your Type is the foundation of your Human Design chart. Sticking to the video game analogy, I like to think of these Types as the stereotypical character classes found in most fantasy RPGs.

As such, your Type can tell you what kind of work you’re best suited for. I mean, could a white mage take on the role of tank? DPS? Could a rouge be a healer? Could a warrior? In most cases, I’m gonna say, probably not.

And such is Human Design. Most—if not all of us—are warriors expected to do magic, mages expected to tank, rogues expected to heal. In other words, we probably feel really frustrated and put-out because we’re in a role—doing work—that just doesn’t capitalize on our natural strengths. It bars us from reaching our true potential, keeps us well away from our main plot lines.

Determining Your Type

The five Types and their auras. 

Since I bet you’re getting pretty antsy to find out your Type, let’s get to it, adventurer! Unfortunately, Human Design is still so new (and complicated!) that I’m not exactly sure how to calculate your Type by yourself. All I know is that the time of birth is VERY IMPORTANT.

Just for funsies, I changed my time of birth and generated another chart, and it completely changed my Type! So be careful with that. You can get a free chart generated at And hey, if that site doesn’t fly with you for whatever reason, you can always hit up your trusty old bff Google for other options!


In my humble opinion, these people are the warriors. Like warriors, they are the most prolific of the five Types, making up approximately 35-37% of the population. They also have a lot of powerful, sustainable energy to work with. They can just go, go, go, like the Energizer Bunny, tanking their way through life.

These are the people who are totally okay with the nine-to-five slog. However—and that’s a big however—only if they enjoy the work they’re doing. If they enjoy what they’re doing, they can just go all day, every day.

Finding both work and a partner that supports them tends to be very important for your typical Generator. Stability is good for them, and satisfying work can light a near-inextinguishable flame under their asses!

But on the flip side, frustration is a common theme for these people. This is usually because in our society, we are all taught to “Nike”: in other words, “just do it.” We’re told to go out and make shit happen. Yet that’s not how the Generators roll. Generators were made to “respond,” to allow life to present them with opportunities and then to respond accordingly.

Life Lessons for Generators

Only when a Generator learns to trust that opportunities will show up for them without their interference, will life really start to feel fun and easy. In other words, if you’re a Generator, there’s no need for you to “find” your purpose! You have to just relax, trust the process, and let it find you.

Trying to make it happen will only slow down or completely stop the process, just as if a warrior was trying to win a fight by casting magic. They can try and try, but they’re never going to be able to cast the magic; all that might happen is that they’ll piss off their fellow party members who need them to tank.

But if they embrace their role as tank? Not only will they feel like a freaking BOSS, but they’ll free up their party members who can then capitalize on their own skills.

The Purpose-Driven Generator

As a warri—erm—Generator, you’re made for work, so most kinds of work would suit you, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing. But if you’re not sure what kind of work you might enjoy, you can also use your Design to aid in finding the clarity you need!

Generators can actually find clarity easily by simply responding to yes-no questions. So, if you’re a Generator, make a list of yes-no questions pertaining to your purpose (or find one online if you’re not feeling creative) and then just answer them.

If you feel like you might cheat or something, give that list to someone else and have them ask you verbally. It really is that simple!

Basically, with Generators, your gut knows the truth. There’s no need to even think. Often times you might find that answers come out in very guttural sounds such as “uh-huh” and “uh-uh.” And as funny as that may sound, my warrior-adventurers, that’s your truth talking. Trust it.

Parting Words

And that concludes the excerpt. So tell me, what Type are you? I suspect you may be feeling a bit disappointed at the moment if your Type isn’t Generator, but alas – fear not! I’m thinking I’ll post the excerpt about Manifestors and Manifesting-Generators next month, and then Projectors and Reflectors, the month after that. 

So stay tuned. And tell me: am I the only one whose life seems to go to shit during NaNoWriMo? 

What I’m Playing: Fire Emblem Heroes – I just got Owain in the lottery. My life is complete. 
What I’m Watching: Night School – It’s been so long since I’ve seen a comedy, and Night School was perfect! I loved the twist ending. *Spoilers* The female lead DOESN’T end up with the male lead. Le gasp, I know. Totally didn’t expect that from a movie that was cookie-cutter comedy in every way. 
What I’m Listening to: The Final Fantasy Crisis Core OST – It captures the feel of the novel I’m currently writing perfectly. 
What I’m Reading: Chris Fox’s 5,000 Words Per Hour – I HIGHLY recommend this for any writers out there. I’ve been following the advice given and have already more than doubled my writing speed! 
What I’m Writing: The Mercenary’s Pact. First week of NaNo and I’m about 20k words in – not bad, if I do say so myself! (The goal is 90k by the end of the month. Fingers crossed…) I’m really loving my POV characters and the dynamics between the mercs thus far.
What I’m Contemplating: My next scene in The Mercenary’s Pact. I dunno about y’all, but during NaNo I eat, sleep, and breathe my novel. 

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